Nominate an Idiot or Charlatan


I want to hear from you!

There are many more than worthy for induction into the Idiots and Charlatans Hall of Fame. In comments here and indeed, in any post, let me now who you nominate for induction (and an episode to go with it).

Remember, the hall is not for the truly warped and pathologically vile. The Trumps, Pol Pots, skinheads, misogynists and chemical dumpers have their own place in another hall booked up.

We’re after the people who should have known better but let it happen.

The courtiers and careerists who stood by, or actively enabled the forces of the vile to run amuck over the world.

Have at it, folks. The most popular - for lack of a better word - will be featured and enshrined in grease in the Idiots and Charlatans Hall of Fame!